Greetings Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth!

This Friday, the Sumner County Delegation gathered for “Good Morning Gallatin.”
Mayors, school board members, city and county commissioners, plus many fabulous folks from all spectrums of occupations met for briefings on specific issues of local and state government.  Mayor Paige Brown spoke of all the continuous growth in the Gallatin area. Senator Ferrell Haile spoke on some TDOT updates such as HWY 109 north of the Gallatin bridge, the estimated date of completion of 109 to HWY 70 in Wilson County and the widening of Veterans Parkway 386. Our roads are vital veins to keep traffic moving and the economic machine growing. We are Sumner County Strong! 

In the House Education Committee, I mentioned that Tennessee is investing $6.5B in public schools with an increase of almost $200M over the last year including teacher’s raises, school safety, and vocational education. 

The GIVE Act is a two-pronged approach utilizing regional partnerships to develop work-based learning and apprenticeship opportunities. This act enables a student to be ready to enter a job of their field of training right out of high school. This path ROCKS AND ROLLS! Not all kids are college bound, and that is OK! Now with two extra dual-enrollment credits available, communities have the funding and flexibility to build programs that best reflect the local needs. The GIVE Act is GREAT!!

Broadband is the 21st century highway infrastructure. Nearly one in four rural Tennesseans lack access to reliable broadband services. Governor Lee announced a $14.8M accessibility grant program that will bring internet services to more than 8,300 households and businesses in 17 counties across the state. I am so appreciative to our Governors commitment to getting rural Tennessee “up to speed” by expanding broadband in the areas needed most. Recipients receiving the grant funds in our district are:
North Central Communications: $304,783 serving parts of rural Sumner County
Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative: $1,233,987.30 serving parts of Jackson, Smith and Putnam Counties.

These grants, plus additional funding, will continue to close the gaps as broadband greatly impacts our goals for health care, education, economic development, and beyond. We will stay the course ensuring rural Tennessee gets connected.

Its looking like this Wednesday, March 27th, will be the final Safety and Funding Committee. Legislation is moving rather rapidly through the process. Remember to visit the Tennessee General Assembly website in order to follow the issues that matter to you the most.

Please follow the link below to read more about State’s rights!     http://www.tneagleforum.org/blog_direct_link.cfm?blog_id=65642&Renowned-Appellate-Lawyer-To-Argue-Tennessee-Refugee-Resettlement-Case-For-The-Thomas-More-Law-Center

It is such a pleasure to serve you. Never hesitate to call (615) 741-2192 for further assistance and please join me at any Friday Coffee Conversations near you.

Terri Lynn Weaver

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