Greetings Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth!
Angie’s Diner in Smithville has been home to my first Friday Coffee Conversations for quite some time now. Generally it is a consistent group of engaged citizens who already have the tables pulled together, breakfast ordered, and a place for me to sit amongst them.  Our waitress, Meagan, gets me a cup of coffee while I chat briefly to others having their breakfast before stopping by the round “TRUTH” table, which is always a treat for me. This is where you get the true tenor of the town news and you get the true, NOT politically correct opinions of farmers, retired veterans, pastors, and engaged citizens from all walks of life. Being where YOU are, in the communities across House District 40, like Angie’s Diner, enables me to remain strong and stay the course for the principles that you have entrusted me to represent. If you have not attended Coffee Conversations please check out my schedule at the end of this Loop for the locations and times.

This week, House Bill 947 passed, protecting our schools and providing additional safety resources by investing $30M for school safety grants. Our schools must be equipped with the measures to keep our children and teachers safe, and I believe we are moving in the right direction to provide the necessary tools.

House Bill 946 increases transparency by requiring local education agencies (LEAs) to report to the Department of Education how funds from the state are used each year regarding salaries and wages. Some of our teachers are not being given their salary increases that we voted in previous years for them to receive. This bill will allow us to monitor where this money is actually being spent and encourage LEAs to invest in our teachers who work hard for our community and children.

House Bill 923 makes significant progress on improving our infrastructure in a fiscally responsible way.
Designed to improve efficiency and provide substantial cost savings within certain infrastructure projects, this bill will remove those inconveniences experienced by Tennessee motorists as construction projects are completed, improving safety while also saving taxpayer dollars!

House Bill 1245 is a bill that I absolutely love! First, it urges the Attorney General to call on the Federal Communications Commission to create new rules that will allow carriers to block more of these illegal and annoying robocalls. This legislation also raises the penalty of misleading a phone subscriber from $10,000 to $30,000 per violation against a person or entity that makes an unwanted robocall. Lastly, it encourages carriers offering telephone services in the state to implement SHAKEN/STIRRED technology to help detect robocalls. We must take strong measures to get a handle on this breach of privacy. It is a federal issue; however, Tennessee will remain the squeaky wheel that gets the grease to curb this growing problem!

Please remember to join me at any four of my Coffee Conversations in the Fabulous Fortieth on Friday Mornings at 8 A.M.

First Friday Angie’s Diner in Smithville
Second Friday at Early Bird Café in Hartsville
Third Friday at Smith County Chamber Building in 
Fourth Friday at Sumner Regional Hospital in Gallatin @7:30a.m.

It is a pleasure to serve and work for you.

Terri Lynn Weaver

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