Greetings Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth!
After a wonderful weekend with my family celebrating Mother’s Day, the sun is shining bright on this Monday morning. I trust your weekend was spent with the ones you love as well. As promised, I will speak to three bills each week that were passed in the first half of the 111th General Assembly.

House Bill 77, known as the Heartbeat Bill, is legislation that protects the sanctity of life. Detection of a heartbeat would prohibit abortions unless the mother’s life is in jeopardy. Think about it. What is the vital sign all medical professionals look for when treating a patient? Is it not a heartbeat? Is life and death not determined by the rhythm of the human heart? Then why would it be any different INSIDE THE WOMB? HB77 passed in the House Chamber but unfortunately succumbed to a train wreck on the Senate side. As your representative, I will continue to fight for our unborn children.   House Bill 945 enures that our students are better prepared for successful careers in the agriculture industry. The goal of the 11- person task force is to encourage and promote agriculture education opportunities. With emerging fields in agriculture and the training knowledge needed for advancement in those fields, Tennessee will now have a pathway initiative for those students! The Great Seal of the State of Tennessee, the official insignia of the U.S. State of Tennessee, encompasses agriculture and commerce. It seems only fitting to have more of our students follow in the field of agriculture and commerce.

House Bill 937 Benefits our heroic police officers and firefighters by increasing the training supplement for those who protect and serve our communities and those who are called upon to respond during fires and other emergencies after they complete 40 hours of in-service training.

House Bill 839 creates a statewide payment plan for individuals who submit proof of their inability to pay fines, taxes, or court costs on citations and have their licenses suspended. This legislation will allow them to obtain restricted driver’s licenses so they can go to work, school or attend church. It is important to note, HB839 does not dismiss individual accountability but ensures people who make mistakes have a pathway to paying their fines.   Please remember Coffee Conversations continue through the end of May resuming in September.   Do not hesitate to call on me at my office 615-741-2192. See you at the next community event!

Did you know that the average American spends 97 hours a year stuck in traffic OR 12+ vacation days.

Go to http://infrastructureweek.org/
#BuildForTomorrow   Blessings, Terri Lynn Weaver

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