Greetings Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth!

I had every intention of sending the Loop for the Tenth month of the year, however, it just flew by!  October weather was unseasonably warm filling the fortieth with many local community events, Main Street fairs, chili cook offs, I had two fund raisers for my re- election 2020 campaign, a caucus retreat, traveling out of state to my Aunt Loni’s 90th Birthday Party and going to Gatlinburg for the Tennessee Mining Association Event where I was honored to receive Legislator of the Year.  Yep what a whirlwind. Today my Yukon is parked in the driveway, Mike will get a home cooked meal, the laundry will get finished, the large stacks of stuff on my desk will diminish and this Loop will be complete before the clock on the mantel chimes Ten P.M.

Now let me share all the great things happening in the Fortieth District.

Tennessee Governor Lee and the Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe recently approved more than $26.7M in Community Development Block Grants which assist communities with funding for water and sewer improvements, new extensions, housing rehabilitation plus health and safety projects. Hartsville in Trousdale County is one of the 66 municipalities across this state awarded for their vision to improve the living environment for their citizens and receiving $525,000 for water systems improvements.

Vocational Education Investments of $25M, approved by the General Assembly, to expand our career and technical education for Tennessee Students was announced today. TCAT Hartsville was awarded $994,995.00! These funds will greatly improve the Manufacturing WBL Program getting students skilled in a trade that will provide great paying jobs. Also Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin received $1M for their Technology Programs and Motlow State Community College which serves many folks in the fortieth received $949,410 for their Teaching innovative learning technologies (TILT). These 28 funded projects certainly will rock our rural communities! Thank you Governor Lee for believing in rural Tennessee and keeping your promise!!!

And Congrats to Dekalb County High School and Gallatin High School in Sumner County for the huge progress you contribute by leading the way in the state to become the first to receive a pathway certification from the Tennessee Department of Education. Providing the tools needed to succeed beyond high school, a Health Science Pathway (DCHS) and a Criminal Justice Pathway (GHS) 74 schools across the state are building strong bridges through this pathway program that lead to in demand careers. For more info about the TN Pathways contact Tennessee.Pathways@tbr.edu

More than 500,000 Tennesseans have registered to vote online since the opportunity became available in September 2017. Update or make new registrations online or download the paper form at GoVoteTN.com or visit your local election commission.

Did you know that there is a State Park located within an hour of every Tennessean. So get to it and enjoy the beauty of our parks!!!!

Yesterday while visiting Vena Stuart Elementary, the kids were practicing for a music presentation for Veterans Day. After I sang “God Bless America” to these very attentive fourth graders, I began to share about our trip to Washington D.C. and the long walk up to the Unknown Soldier Graveside inside Arlington Cemetery. Continuing my story, I asked our grandsons to stop walking and take a good long look across the vast expanding acres of white headstones spread as far as you could see.  And for that one quiet and serene summer moment, in Arlington Cemetery, freedom was defined to us though not a word was spoken. Freedom comes with a price.  Thank a Veteran and be sure to salute their courage and their willingness each veteran gives in serving our country. Thank you, Veterans!


Terri Lynn Weaver

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