The “Loop’ 02/01/2020

Greetings Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth!
Wow the last day, of the first month, into the new decade, of 2020! Time is clipping along and waits on no one.

On Monday, February 3rd when we convene it will be our 46th day of the 111th General Assembly, and the filing deadline for legislation is Wednesday, February 5th. Currently I have reached the bill limit of 15 pieces of legislation with HJR741 being my first bill to be filed and assigned to the Department and Agencies Subcommittee chaired by Representative Bob Ramsey. 

As you recall, Tennessee is paving the way by asking the Highest Court in the land to answer this question: “Does Tennessee have Tenth Amendment Standing?” We have come a long journey through the courts system since I carried SJR467 in 2016. Holding to the belief this case will be heard by the Supreme Court, HJR741 reaffirms our Constitutional Status as a Sovereign State and the importance of the balance of powers. Moreover the Tennessee Lawsuit is paramount in preserving the Tenth Amendment written in our Constitution, thus the ever-watching eyeballs of other states seeing how this case plays out. Am I against Refugees? Absolutely not. I am the daughter and first generation of a Refugee. It is my constitutional duty to which I swore to protect and uphold the Constitution of these United States and the State of Tennessee. Limited Government is the fountainhead of our Founding Fathers and we as a state must act like a sovereign state. 

I have also co-signed on to HB1929 which prohibits the governor from making a decision or obligating the state of Tennessee in any way with regard to Refugee Resettlement unless authorized by a joint resolution of the General Assembly. It is the General Assembly’s job to appropriate public moneys and balance the state budget, not the Executive Branch’s job. Read it for yourself. I did not make this up.

Legislation is beginning to move through subcommittees once bills are filed and then the tempo will pick up rather quickly! On Monday, Governor Bill Lee will give his second State of the State address. The legislature always looks forward to this night where the governor will lay out his plan for the upcoming year. 

It is a pleasure to serve and work for you.

Terri Lynn Weaver

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