The “Loop” 03/02/2020

Greetings Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth!
Marvelous Monday Morning here in the holler! Rain is on the roof but sunshine is in my sights.
I’m remembering last week’s events by reviewing my photos taken on my phone. This is one sure resource to journal all that took place so “The Loop” can, well, keep you in the loop!

The hallways of Cordell Hull continue to buzz with various topics and people of interest. The Fab Forty office, 554, held appointments with Hemp Day on the Hill, FFA (those infamous blue coats filled with delightful future leaders!), Chamber of Commerce, University Presidents, Pathologists, Audiologists, Alzheimer’s of Tennessee, Architects, Engineers of TN and the list goes on. Each group brings what is important to them to the legislative body as I listen and ask questions concerning their respected place of knowledge.

Also this past week Governor Lee introduced House Bill 2817. The Constitutional Carry bill is now being considered in the legislature and would make Tennessee the 17th state to embrace our Second Amendment right to bear arms without a permit to all law-abiding citizens 21 years and older, except in current restricted areas. Most importantly the bill sends a strong message to those BAD ACTORS who unlawfully possess a gun.
The bill does the following:

-Increases the penalty for theft of a firearm to a felony
-Provides a sentencing enhancement for theft of a firearm in a car
-Increases the minimum sentence for theft of a firearm from 30 days to 180 days
-Increases the sentences for unlawful possession of a firearm by violent felons and felony drug offenders, possession of a handgun by a felon, and unlawfully providing a handgun to a juvenile or allowing a juvenile to possess a handgun.

Majority Leader William Lamberth and I sat down to discuss the governor’s legislation in my Top Topic Two Minute Talk on Facebook. Click here to watch the video. We must stop criminalizing law-abiding citizens and crack down hard on those who commit crimes with guns.

House Bill 2517 would shrink drug-free school zones from 1,000 to 500 feet and allow judges to use discretion to waive mandatory school zone sentencing enhancements. The cost savings generated by the legislation could equate to a reinvestment of more than $18 million for public safety and rehabilitation.

Drug-free zones include public or private elementary, middle, and secondary schools, child care agencies, public libraries, recreational centers, and parks. By shrinking drug-free zones, House Bill 2517 has the potential to create additional resources to make justice more efficient in Tennessee. 
House Bill 2517 will be heard by members of the Finance, Ways, & Means Committee in the next few weeks.

I have had numerous concerns from constituents about the coronavirus. Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey released a statement on how Tennessee is preparing going forward. Staying on top in truth will prevent hysteria, which can be a bigger problem than the bug itself. Use common sense when symptoms of flue arise. Stay home if you’re sick, keep your hands off your face, wash, wash, wash, your hands, and by all means cover your sneeze or cough.  
Here is Commissioner Piercey’s statement along with a couple of website links for even more information for individual recommendations for business, schools, health care, individuals and communities in general:

 Correct information is paramount!

Please remember to join me at any four of my Coffee Conversations in the Fabulous Fortieth on Friday Mornings at 8 A.M.:

1st Friday – Patty’s Restaurant in Smithville Dekalb County
2nd Friday – Hartsville Early Bird Café in Trousdale County
3rd Friday – Smith County Chamber in Carthage
4th Friday – Mabel’s Restaurant in Gallatin

Big week ahead! I so appreciate your support and your prayers. 

Terri Lynn Weaver

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