The Loop, 04/02/2016

Good Day Fabulous Forty Folk!
First and foremost, I pray you and yours are safe, healthy, and staying in your homes as we all do our part to stay apart in order to starve this pandemic called COVID-19. Your representative has not pulled out of her holler since a week ago Tuesday, and that was only to make a run to the grocery store.

Refraining from driving anywhere, I am grateful for internet that keeps me connected via conference calls, Facetime (especially with my grandsons), and I am learning the Zoom thing. With many working from home, students learning from home, and peak periods of streaming, cable broadband networks are working hard to ensure internet continues during the skyrocketed demand COVID-19 has caused. Be a good steward of how you use broadband to help our nation and our state adapt during our nation’s pandemic response.

Our Governor has invested another $23M for reliable broadband expansion, especially for rural Tennessee in the preliminary budget we passed before recessing on March 20th. Good news came to me yesterday of a grant issuing Trousdale County $500K that would connect 274 new homes. This will complete the infrastructure needed for these residences to do work and school from home. When we come through this public health crisis, the vital need for strong dependable internet in all Tennessee homes and small businesses will prove its worth.  

While facetiming our grandson yesterday he said, “GeGe I am over this quarantine thing.” I am sure he misses hanging out with his friends. But perhaps our children will put their devices down and appreciate real face time when COVID-19 is behind us. There is always a silver lining available if you choose to seek it. I for one am enjoying reading those selected books from my home library, researching on a book I am writing about my family displaced during WWII, plus the time I have to prepare homecooked meals and sit at the table with family and candlelight conversations. Yet in the midst of this crisis, please take this virus seriously. Practice washing hands, disinfecting, distancing, and always cover your coughs and sneezes.

Today Mike and I watched a video by Dr.Vuong that does a great job explaining what we are fighting against (I apologize for some of the language). This next month is critical folks. We need to bust the virus and get back to business ASAP!

Working with Governor Lee
This morning my colleagues and I joined our Governor and his task force via conference call for a briefing on what Tennessee will look like 2 to 4 weeks out. Let me say this, Tennessee is facing tremendous challenges ahead, as if the beginning of March hasn’t brought enough trouble with the devastating Tornado through middle Tennessee and now Corona. However, I am confident and I believe we will get through this. It’s what we as Tennesseans do when challenges are before us, we do what is asked of us, buckle up, and we forge forward.

“The most important action that you can take is to stay at home – that saves lives – we need Tennesseans to do that in every corner and throughout all of Tennessee” – Governor Bill Lee

Tomorrow we travel to our local grocery store for provisions to last another two weeks. Remember our truck drivers who are currently keeping our food supply strong! There is no need to hoard, grocery stores are well stocked. I am sure a friendly smile and “thank you” will go a long way to those employees working day and night to stock those shelves.

Below are some resources that have been helpful to me that I thought would be helpful to you as well. 

Governor’s Press Conferences
Governor Lee is briefing the public each weekday at 3 p.m. CDT. You can watch the livestream by clicking here

Jobs and Essential Businesses
The state websites and are fabulous resources if you are looking for information about unemployment benefits, current job openings, or business solutions. Visit this link for a complete list of essential businesses and services and to read Governor Lee’s Executive Order 22.

Waived Deadlines
The state has extended certain deadlines and expirations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for to view the full list. 

Local Testing Sites
To find a coronavirus testing site near you, click here

Updated Coronavirus Numbers
Check out for updated data on coronavirus cases. 


Do your part, stay apart. For the sake of our doctors, nurses, and first responders who are soldiers on the front line treating our loved ones, our behavior these next two weeks are critical. Pray without ceasing asking God to heal our land. 
Psalm 91,
Terri Lynn Weaver

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