The Loop 02/28/2022

Greetings, Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth!
Beginning my Friday morning with faithful supporters in Gallatin, I am reminded of the honor it has been to serve and represent the fabulous folks of Sumner County. Coffee and Conversations at Mable’s gave me the needed time to hear what concerns constituents have and how I can represent them rightly. Serving in the House of Representatives in the State of Tennessee IS closest to the people. I will remain accessible and faithful in protecting the people’s rights which are eloquently described in the Founders Documents, such as Our Constitution. There are numerous issues on all fronts, Federal, State, and local that should concern us all. Here is a must-read and another confirmation to my NO vote regarding The Blue Oval City in Memphis. Though “What is the Great Reset” reads like the plot of a thrilling novel, this information is real. Unless “We the People” put a stop to this trajectory my grandchildren and yours will live in a world unrecognizable to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Click HERE for an important read.
HB2143 TISA (Tennessee Investment Student Achievement Act) is a new way forward to fund education. Wow! I just finished diving into this gem. It is a 34-page piece of legislation that if passed will become law. The BEP took years to implement and has been in place for 30 years. It seems very unwise to rush this behemoth when currently all members of the General Assembly are going full speed ahead! After taking notes, researching, and thinking this whole gobley goop through, I have come to this conclusion. The amount of local control HB2143 takes away and puts in the hands of The Tennessee State Department of Education, namely the COMMISSIONER without any mention of the State Board of Education promulgating rules and oversight, plus ALL the paperwork LEA’s will be required to do to KEEP LEA’S in line and do what you are told in order to get all this money taxpayers will be on the hook for…..? Folks you better pay attention because HB2143 makes Race to the Top look like a walk in the park. As a constitutional conservative who believes less government is more liberty, vote for HB2143. Ironically it was assigned to the k-12 subcommittee then referred to Education Administration.
Many of you know and have heard me say the most regretful vote I have made since you elected me to serve you was that RACE TO THE TOP bill that changed the way we educate our children in Tennessee.  I am sure you have heard the saying that goes something like this, if you do not learn from history, you will be doomed to repeat it. I will not repeat that mistake I made as a freshman in the State House. No siree! HB2143 is ripe with overreach and government bureaucracy being where it has NO BUSINESS being. When the public schools cannot continue to pay for this madness, guess who will? Yep! You, the taxpayer. Can we please just get back to reading, writing, and math! 
One of my favorite visits while in session is seeing the Hallways of the Cordell Hull Building filled with Blue and Gold Jackets! These FFA kids are the cream of the crop from various schools across our great state. Thank You Hendersonville and Smith County for stopping by 554. You truly give me hope for the next generation!
Last week was Capitol Jam number VIII in the Historic War Memorial Auditorium.  It was a hectic week but a necessity to make time for some tunes with some colleagues.
Regardless of what social media is saying and for that matter the news, HB1989HB1900, and HB1901 seek to HELP the teaching profession and give our local school districts flexibility to meet the need of the crucial teacher shortage by placing those who want to be in the classroom a path forward into becoming a licensed and certified teacher. We all know from lessons learned these last two years children do better in a classroom setting. I believe in the teachers in District 40 and do all I can including voting for and supporting teacher pay increases. Thank You teachers for investing in our future.   

Always a Coffee Conversation 8 a.m. every Friday Morning at a diner near you.First Friday Smithville- Son-Rise Grill
Second Friday Hartsville- Early Bird
Third Friday Carthage- Walton Hotel
Fourth Friday- Gallatin

The Smith County Republican Party gathers and welcomes all to get engaged.  

Every Third Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the historic Walton Hotel on the Carthage Square at 308 Main Street. Hope to see you there!
 Conservative Gathering of Wilson County meets every fourth Saturday at 9 a.m. at Music City Baptist Church. The address is 7104 Lebanon Road, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. 
Terri Lynn Weaver

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