The Loop 03/04/2022

Greetings, Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth!
After an early morning visit and update on WJLE, the hub for all things Dekalb County, my first  2022 Friday Coffee Conversation in Smithville was not cancelled due to snow and ice! Welcome springtime in Tennessee! Thanks to all who joined me at Patty’s Restaurant. These are very engaged patriots and I am so blessed to work for you. Also note our regular meeting place at Sonrise was CLOSED due to lack of employees. Patty’s  Restaurant was packed today. Pray for our friends at Sonrise and for The Good Lord to send some needed employees! 
Stopped by Director of School’s office to get their input of the Governor’s new funding and spending formula. (TISA) In our discussion I mentioned that we have no idea where all these numbers and dollars come from and how accurate they are, or what they will look like in the next 5 or 10 years. The TISA is a thirty-year funding plan and we had better get it right. We break it and we will own it forever. I am not in a rush to pass anything only to work with my colleagues to get the funding right for parents, taxpayers, educators, and students.
Drove on over to Forks River Elementary and read “There’s No Place Like Space.” The darndest dialogue comes from the mouth of babes. If ever you want to make it your best day ever, go read a good book to these little ones. Thanks for inviting me into your spaceship! There are Fabulous Teachers in the Fortieth!
HouseI have a trio of Historical Preservation Bills this session HB2872HB2873HB2874 all to be heard in Public Service Subcommittee next Wednesday. Regardless of your take on Nathan Bedford Forrest that was removed from the Capitol last summer, it belongs to those who gifted it to the state back in 1973. HB2874 seeks to do just that. Transfer the custody and care of the bust held in the Tennessee State Museum to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Museum in Columbia, Tennessee, home and burial site of Nathan and his wife Mary Ann Montgomery Bedford. HB2874 was rolled one week, in order to work out the differences. I am passionate about these bills because history is just that. We cannot change the good, bad and the ugly in our great Nation. However, we must learn from it, so as not to repeat it. The Founders of our nation studied the Roman Republic and learned from the lives of Cicero, Caesar, Publius, and Cato. Stories on how choices led to triumph or disaster. We would do well to study our history contextually. Click HERE to read about the Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic. 

Click HERE to read the House of Representatives Weekly Wrap.
It was an honor to serve as Chaplain of the Day Thursday morning. God is our Refuge and Strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1

Always a Coffee Conversation 8 a.m. every Friday Morning at a diner near you.This coming week I will be in Hartsville at the Early Bird Cafe at 8 a.m. 
First Friday Smithville- Son-Rise Grill
Second Friday Hartsville- Early Bird
Third Friday Carthage- Walton Hotel
Fourth Friday- GallatinHope to see you there! 
Blessings,Terri Lynn Weaver

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