The Loop 03/30/2022

Greetings, Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth!
Outside my study window, in the back corner of our home, I hear the continuous melodic chimes orchestrated by Saturday afternoon’s strong blasts of howling wind. Inside, the fireplace is on as I begin to recap the week on my mac and report to you, The Loopers.
I had a wonderful Friday morning Coffee Conversation in Jackson County with School Director Christy Brown. 

Click HERE for last week’s House of Representatives Weekly Wrap.
Last week, I had the privilege of meeting with the Smith County 4H Gang!                      
HB2451 as amended was a Parental Rights Bill that failed in sub-committee for lack of a second motion.  Brought to me by parents, and not lobbyists, or Department Agency, the voice of parents across this state were simply silenced. However, the voice of the Departments and medical lobbyists was heard loud and clear in the committee!  The concern I bring is not about an up or down vote. But that it never even got a chance to be heard! The very reason we have the committee process is to hear the legislation, debate, discuss, and then vote up or down on the merit of the bill. Parental rights HERE IN TENNESSEE are being threatened and silenced by government agencies, and bureaucrats alike who continue to intercept a parent’s constitutional right to raise their children. This issue will only get more egregious as more and more state and federal money floods our schools with programs geared to drive a wedge between you and your children.

State Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver Says She Was ‘Cancelled’ by Republicans on the Important Issue of Parental Rights – Tennessee Star

HB2452 would have prevented discrimination on vaccine status BOOM! Another issue that has so affected the workplace across our state. Many employees have been discriminated against some of which came to testify on the house side but were not able to testify due to a “procedure.” When the Senate committee took up the bill finally the testimonies were heard but it was voted down.  At least it was heard and next year, I will bring it forward again. Montana passed this same bill in August of 2021. Lord willing, constitutional rights will be brought back!

HB2454 will be heard this week in Education Administration. This legislation will hold student databases accountable for obscenity and Pornography found in our electronic libraries that our children use for homework and research papers. HB1944 is another bill that protects our children from obscene library books found in our schools. Both bills will dovetail nicely in the efforts to shield and protect horrendous screenshots and pages in children’s books you just cannot unsee! 
For Such a Time as This!!!!

Where are the Papa Bears? Read below. 

Always a Coffee Conversation 8 a.m. every Friday Morning at a diner near you. First Friday Smithville- Son-Rise Grill
Second Friday Woodbury- Hardee’s
Third Friday Carthage- Walton Hotel
Fourth Friday Gainesboro- To Be AnnouncedHope to see you there! 
Blessings, Terri Lynn Weaver

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