The “Loop” 02/16/2020

Greetings Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth!
Just returning “Home to the Holler” from the Sumner County Republican Woman’s Breakfast where I gave my first “Stump” speech of the 2020 campaign season. What a blessing and a privilege it is to testify on Tennessee’s thriving economy! Work worth doing driven by conservatives who walk the talk of low taxes, limited government, and staying true to Tennessee values. Proof is in the Puddin’!  Tennessee’s finances are the healthiest in history and it is truly an honor to have taken part in this tremendous Tennessee story. It matters who governs.

HJR741 was supported by my Republican colleagues in subcommittee and will be heard in the Full State Committee on February 18th. This resolution is strictly about State and U.S. Constitutional principles. It is intended to support the constitutional issues that are raised by our Tenth Amendment lawsuit filed in 2017.

“Work worth doing” with the Emergency Medical Services, HB1175 seeks reimbursement funding from TennCare so that these first line of patient care (“E.R on wheels”) can remain doing what they do best, saving lives! Their services are especially vital in the rural areas where 1 in 5 hospitals are closing their doors. These Tennessee Paramedics showed up in large numbers filing our hallways and House Hearing Room I where I presented HB1175 asking the committee for passage. Stay tuned!

Coffee Conversations in Hartsville, over a concern a constituent had regarding HB1945, which “authorizes a person to perform without a license, work for which a license is normally required if the recipient of the work acknowledges the person’s lack of licensure and waives claims against the person.”  Not knowing the spirit of this bill, I intend to ask the sponsor for further insight. Mentioned as well at the Early Bird that morning was “do not support removing the Nathan Bedford Forrest Bust” outside the Chambers on the second floor of the Capitol. Folks if we go down this trajectory, there will be no stopping this ridiculous attempt to wipe out what we can’t change anyway. Truth will always prevail. Let’s learn truth and be the better for it.

Coffee Conversations are a huge help in hearing the concerns of House District 40. We are a Constitutional Republic a “Representative” voice, your voice, who works for you to make Tennessee a better place to live work and raise a family.
Coffee Conversations every Friday morning at 8 a.m.:
First Friday – Patty’s Restaurant in Smithville Dekalb County
2nd Friday – Hartsville Early Bird Café in Trousdale County
3rd Friday – Smith County Chamber in Carthage
4th Friday – Mabel’s Restaurant in Gallatin

Also note there are some 4th Fridays we have Sumner County Delegation locations while we are in session. Watch for notices via email.

Terri Lynn Weaver

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