The Loop, 04/25/2020

A Heartfelt Note for the Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth!

Like many of you, Mike and I continue to “Shelter at Home” while we navigate through a journey none of us have ever forged before. Coronavirus. Where now the new norm is Do Your Part, Stay Apart, practice social distancing, don’t leave home without your masks, complete with gloves, and wash, wash, wash those hands for the duration of The Happy Birthday Song, and “Purell” to your heart’s content, coupled with please follow the arrows in the aisles of your favorite grocery store while shopping, and “remember, we are all in this together.” Yes, a new lingo in this new era called COVID that is as definitive as the timeline of B.C (before Christ) and A.D. (After Christ), or The Great Depression, and 9-11.

A disruption that caused church doors to be closed worldwide while millions of Christians from all denominations viewed Easter services via online streaming and pastors preached the resurrection message to empty church buildings. COVID-19 will be described in the pages of history as a sudden disruption. Where all things prior to COVID will never be the same and a cultural reset is now the new norm. I wonder, must I hesitate to hug now that COVID has arrived or for that matter will shaking hands be something of the past? Could how we greet one another now be changed because of COVID?

Yet through these last six weeks of staying on Seabo, I also believe something good will come of COVID. Somehow, we will be better, being forced to see things we were blind to before COVID. COVID is a strong reminder that we must latch on like never before to the One who has the whole world in His hands as He equips us with a fearless faith we need in order to forge forward in the new norm of COVID. It is my prayer that you are drawing closer to the Lover of Your Soul, putting the IPHONE down, going at a slower pace, and spending quality time with those whom He has placed near and dear to your heart. Now more than ever we have to trust and believe He who is able to call creation into existence is also able to provide for our needs.

So, use this divine pause and do that jigsaw puzzle, start that book you never had time to begin, take this time to know the season we are in. Who knows, this disruption could be an answer to prayer.  Let us be still and know while the world is on lockdown, God is moving and causing us all to “reset” for what He has purposed and planned, post COVID-19.

COVID-19 Resources

State Parks
For a complete list of reopened state parks and tips to make your visits safe and healthy, click here

COVID-19 Information Line
An Information Line for family members of incarcerated individuals has been created to ensure family can receive accurate and up-to-date information from TDOC. The line can be reached at 1-866-858-0380. Family and friends can also find answers to frequently asked questions about TDOC’s response to COVID-19 on our website at or email:

Over 6,450 Tennessee families have registered for ReadyRosie already, an online education tool providing at-home instructional videos you can do with your children. Through a partnership between the department and the Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation, Tennessee families have access to resources for free through September. For more information, visit the ReadyRosie website here.

Department of Labor & Workforce Development
The Department of Labor & Workforce Development has put together a website to best answer all your unemployment questions. You can find the website here

Praying for you,
Terri Lynn Weaver

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