The Loop 02/20/21

Greetings, Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth!

Good Conversations this morning in Carthage thanks to the host and owner of Walton Hotel on the Square, John Leftwich Jr. Prepared with a pen and tablet, I took notes of what is on the minds of these engaged citizens while discussing how the state can better serve the small businesses by removing onerous barriers such as license fees, regulations and most egregious, the payroll tax. Entrepreneurs risk their own capital. In most cases, it is five years before a profit is accomplished. Thus, the reason my conservative colleagues and I are diving into this NOT CONSERVATIVE budget to see where we can return unspent revenues to the people back home in our districts. We have a growing budget and no money going back to the taxpayer. Facts are a stubborn thing, said by Founding Father John Adams, and the fact is this Budget proposed to the General Assembly has grown 10 billion dollars in one fiscal year with a 26% increase in federal monies!!!! The recommended budget was $41.8B for 2021. The recommended budget for fiscal 2022 is $52.5B.  

So in these next two months, I am in hopes to propose a solution that if we have such record surpluses, it needs to go back to the people in form of tax cuts!!!

One of my favorite resources for Tennessee budget info is The Sycamore Institute. Click HERE for more.

Click HERE for this week’s TN House of Representatives Weekly Wrap.

On Monday we passed legislation further protecting Tennessean’s First Amendment right to hold religious services during a state of emergency, major disaster, or natural disaster. The bill passed the House Chamber with 73 Republicans voting yes and 19 Democrats voting against it.

HB1694 ensures the government will not infringe on the right to practice their religion and peacefully assemble at their chosen place of worship. Other states have imposed on those rights. The passage of HB1694 prevents it from happening in our beloved state. Also, Violent Criminals must serve the entire sentence and not just some of it! HB2656 and HB2657 will help accomplish that goal. 

“I’ll Leave my Heart in Tennessee” written by Karen Staley will go to the Governors desk for his signature. Dailey and Vincent brought us a fine performance on the House floor Thursday. The acoustics on the House Chamber are just amazing. Music breaks barriers and sets the atmosphere for good. Also on another note, here is an added FYI. Synchronicities abound! On my “Only Life for Me” record project back in 1994, Karen Staley wrote a beautiful song called “Face to Face.” Though it will not be a Tennessee State song, who knows what will come of our reunion after all these years.

Don’t Forget Coffee Conversations each Friday at 8 a.m. See you at Mabel’s in Gallatin on February 25 at the round table. So honored to sing the National Anthem, and so blessed to get my copy of the Aitken Bible. Click HERE for more information on the mission of The American Bible Project. 
“The Bible is the Cornerstone of Liberty.” -Thomas Jefferson
State offices will be closed this Monday, February 21, for the President’s Day holiday. In light of Presidents’ Day, I wanted to share an interesting story about the 6th President of the United States. Click HERE
Blessings, Terri Lynn Weaver

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